Our Story

Our company started with a simple question: “How can we improve trust in the secondhand market?”

Since that time, we have made great strides, developing a revolutionary blockchain-powered product authentication platform.

Lock ID provides businesses with a powerful channel to reach new and existing customers while allowing buyers and sellers to share and transfer authenticated product information in the secondhand market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect brands from counterfeit goods while empowering retail and e-commerce companies, both big and small, with innovative and impactful marketing technology. We believe that effective marketing and data privacy go hand in hand.

We are committed to leading the way as the worlds foremost authority on authenticated product information in the secondhand market.

We believe in a future where buyers and sellers can interact with confidence and trust.

Our Impact

When businesses partner with Lock ID, they promote a more circular and sustainable secondhand market for their products. Despite the growing demand in secondhand goods, currently, if you decide to purchase secondhand, you have no reliable way to verify what you are getting.

Likewise, people selling their products rarely get a fair price because of the uncertainty that buyers face. In economics, this is known as "the lemon problem." Prices in the secondhand market are being driven down due to information asymmetry in the market, discouraging both buyers and sellers alike.

We can significantly reduce the accumulation of unnecessary waste by increasing trust in the secondhand market. Lock ID promotes a more circular economy where buyers and sellers are more willing to engage.

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